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Hanafuda Magic combines self-​metamorphosis with exquisite healing ​tools and techniques for aligning with ​your inner gifts and soul purpose.

Hanafuda Magic is a four-part system of activations, healing, ​magic and insights, which when blended together create a ​transformative DNA experience.

​Hanafuda cards have been popular in Japan and Korea for ​hundreds of years. Yet their origins are ancient and contain ​profound teachings. In Japanese, Hana means flower and ​fuda means card. Simply expressed, hanafuda means ​“flower cards.” The twelve suits in a Hanafuda deck feature ​flowers or trees and totems that connect to the solar-lunar ​cycles and carry a spirit that teaches, heals and transforms.

Hanafuda Magic utilizes the Hanafuda cards as a tool to ​excavate your hidden gifts and awaken the unique nature of ​your being, all while liberating your heart and increasing ​your ability to create and attract by unleashing your soul ​gifts into the world.

The Hanafuda Magic, including the Hanafuda Activations, ​are original works of Selena Rodriguez, accessed and ​developed from over 38 years of experience with the ​Hanafuda and spiritual teachings from around the world.

A Signature Teaching ​from Selena Rodriguez

Based on Ancient Japanese Wisdom

A spiritual master teacher with 35 years of experience, Selena Rodriguez is known ​internationally for her unique way of sparking the magic in individuals and groups on the ​deepest of levels, and for her profound gifts as an initiator, activator and light seeder. She was ​first introduced in this lifetime to the Hanafuda in the 1970s and is the founder of the Hanafuda ​Magic Course and techniques. She is passionate about assisting people in connecting to the ​deeper nature, through the flowers, trees, grass, and energies of the Hanafuda.

Certified Teachers of Hanafuda Magic

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